• 28 May 2024
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If you need help with LandingLens or LandingEdge, you've come to the right placeā€”the LandingAI Support Center! Here you will find detailed articles and insightful video tutorials about how to use LandingLens and LandingEdge.

Below are some additional resources to help you make the most of the tools from LandingAI.

LandingPad, the LandingAI Community

Looking for tips or insights about using LandingLens? Interested in learning more about specific use cases? Then join LandingPad, the community of LandingAI users! Here, you can:

  • Ask for help or tips
  • Check out the release notes
  • See the product roadmap
  • Give product feedback

LandingLens Computer Vision Fundamentals Course

Check out the free LandingLens Computer Vision Fundamentals Course to learn about computer vision basics and how to apply those concepts to developing accurate computer vision models in LandingLens. Plus, users who complete the course earn a certificate and a community badge.


Create, manage, and deploy computer vision models with our REST APIs.

Python and JavaScript Libraries

LandingAI offers Python and JavaScript libraries to enable you to programmatically manage your dataset and run inference. The libraries are available in GitHub and include example use cases and sample notebooks.

Upcoming Events

LandingAI regularly hosts webinars, participates in conferences, and facilitates in-person learning events. To get the details on our upcoming activities, check out our Events page.

Give Feedback or Report Issues

You can submit feedback and notify us of bugs directly from LandingLens! Click the blue Feedback tab when you're in LandingLens and share your input with us.

Click the "Feedback" Button to Share Your Thoughts on LandingLens

Contact Us

Need to get a hold of LandingAI? Send us a message using our contact form.

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