Install LandingLens in Snowflake
  • 20 Jun 2024
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Install LandingLens in Snowflake

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Article summary

Install the LandingLens App on Snowflake

For now, access to LandingLens on Snowflake is available by request. After you've been granted access to the LandingLens Native App, our team will follow up with more information about how to install LandingLens on Snowflake.

Troubleshooting Tips

Errors During the Installation Process

During the installation process, you might get errors, such as Number of retries exceeded. If you get any errors during the installation process, click the Install/Upgrade/Resume button again. 

Error: Insufficient Privileges

Due to a change to endpoints permissions in Snowflake, some users may receive an error about insufficient privileges after installing the LandingLens application on Snowflake. We are preparing a new version of LandingLens that resolves this issue. 

If you receive an insufficient privileges error before the new version is available, follow the instructions below to resolve the issue:

  1. Go to the LandingLens installer on Snowflake.
  2. Click Support in the left-hand nav bar.
    Open the Support Page
  3. Select the I understand that some actions are irreversible checkbox.
  4. Click SQL Passthrough.
  5. Type this in the SQL Statement textbox:
  6. Click Run.
    Run the SQL Statement

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