July 2022 Release Notes
  • 10 Jul 2024
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July 2022 Release Notes

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Article summary

New Features

  • Launched a new Support Center that includes new and improved documentation.
  • Added Classification to the improved workflowthat allows for faster Model creation and training. (Previously this workflow only supported Object Detection and Segmentation.)(Beta feature*)
  • Added a new Project Type called Anomaly Detection. Anomaly Detection is used to identify any deviations from the norm and can be trained entirely on images without the Class you're looking for. (Beta feature*) 

*Beta features are deactivated by default. If you would like a Beta feature to be activated, please contact your Landing AI sales member.


  • Improved performance for datasets of 50 or fewer images. This development also increased the Model training speed by about 10%. 
  • Increased memory limitations from 2GB to 3GBfor Model training.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the LandingLens user interfacerandomly closed and restarted. 
  • Fixed issue where Inspection Points in LandingEdge didn't save properly. 
  • Fixed issue where Inspection Start times in LandingEdge reverted to 5 seconds if the interval was set to less than 1 second. 
  • Fixed issue where BMP images didn't load properly in LandingEdge input folders.
  • Fixed issue where the zoom levels were the same for all images when running inference in LandingEdge. 
  • Fixed issue where Model names in LandingEdge weren't being saved. 

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