October 2022 Release Notes
  • 31 Oct 2022
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October 2022 Release Notes

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What's New

  • You used to have to install .NET runtime to use LandingEdge. We threw this requirement out the window, so enjoy the extra ~50MB of space!
  • Have internet or network issues when trying to use LandingEdge? Well, then, this improvement is for you! We've removed the upload queue size limitation and added a retry mechanism for deployment. (To see this improvement in action, please uninstall and reinstall LandingEdge. Uploads may take a bit longer, but this is normal! Just keep the Inspection Point running for the uploads to complete.)
  • Your eyes are not deceiving you—we've released a brand new login page! Plus, you can now quickly sign in with your Google account!
    New Login Page 
  • You asked, and we listened! You can now use your webcam to upload images to a LandingLens Project. But we didn't stop there! You can also run inference on images from your webcam with the Run Live feature.
    Use Your Webcam to Upload Images to Your Project Use Your Webcam to Take Images and Run Inference  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Bounding boxes used to move around on their own when running inference on a static device. We decided find-the-bounding-box wasn't so fun, so we fixed this.
  • Fixed: The user interface was stubborn and wouldn't listen when you changed the browser window size. Don't worry! We had a long talk with the user interface, so it should now respond to any browser window size. 
  • Fixed: The filters used to disappear on the Historical Data tab. They aren't great at hide-and-seek because we found them pretty quickly and moved them back, so you can now search for any inference image. 
  • Fixed: Some cURL request endpoints went on vacation, but we've told them to come back. They're now working hard on the Live Prediction tab. 
  • Fixed: LandingEdge used to check for a valid license when capturing images without a Model. However, this isn't necessary, so we removed this validation.
  • Fixed: Before, Anomaly Detection Models weren't working with Run Live or LandingEdge. Not to worry, we fixed this! 
  • Fixed: To save you time, we fixed LandingEdge, so the application now bundles all Nvidia GPU-related CUDA and cuDNN libraries.

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