Use LandingLens in Snowflake
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Use LandingLens in Snowflake

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LandingLens is now available in the Snowflake Marketplace! Snowflake customers can use LandingLens natively within Snowflake and create computer vision models leveraging the images they already have securely stored in Snowflake. 

Watch the following demo to get inspired for how to use LandingLens for your unique use case!

Benefits of Using LandingLens in Snowflake

Whether you use LandingLens directly from LandingAI or natively in Snowflake, you get the ability to quickly develop and deploy computer vision models. Using LandingLens in Snowflake comes with these additional benefits:

  • Maintain data privacy and governance in Snowflake. All data in LandingLens adheres to the security protocols configured in Snowflake.
  • Load images from your Snowflake account into LandingLens. No need to download and then re-upload images to LandingLens. The images never leave the security of the Snowflake cloud.
  • Manage access to LandingLens using the member controls built into Snowflake. Leverage the role-based access tools you're already familiar with and trust.
  • Run Snowflake Copilot on your data to get instant insights.
  • Use the combined capabilities of the Snowflake Native App Framework and Snowpark Container Services to build sophisticated applications with a range of configurable hardware options, including GPUs. Then distribute and monetize those applications in Snowflake Marketplace, enabling your customers to securely use those applications within their Snowflake accounts.

Get the LandingLens App in the Snowflake Marketplace

Get the LandingLens app in the Snowflake Marketplace here. Click Get, and you'll be prompted to request access to LandingLens. The LandingAI team will review the request and contact you with more information.

Get LandingLens in the Snowflake Marketplace

If you're not already familiar with LandingLens, you can use the cloud-based version directly from LandingAI here. You can build a test project with our sample data (or your own images) to quickly get familiar with how to develop computer vision projects. 

Load Images from Snowflake into LandingLens

To see all the methods for uploading images to projects, go to Upload Images.

To load images from a Snowflake stage into a LandingLens project:

  1. Open the project you want to load images to.
  2. Click Sync Snowflake Data.
    Sync Snowflake Data
  3. Run the SQL commands on the pop-up to grant LandingLens access to the Snowflake database, schema, and stage you want to load images from.
  4. Enter the Database, Schema, and Stage for the location that has the images you want to load.
  5. Click Sync. All images in the stage are uploaded to the LandingLens project.
    Sync Data from a Stage

Differences Between the Snowflake Version and the "Direct" Version

For the most part, the experience using LandingLens in Snowflake is the same as using LandingLens directly from LandingAI. In both, you will upload and label images, and then train and deploy computer vision models. If you're using LandingLens in Snowflake, you get the exclusive benefits of data governance, Snowflake Copilot, and more.

If you've used LandingLens from LandingAI before, you might notice that some features are different or absent. Some features and concepts are not relevant when using LandingLens in Snowflake, because Snowflake inherently provides those concepts or handles them differently.

The following concepts and features are not in the LandingLens app in Snowflake:

  • LandingLens credits, pricing plans, and billing: Pricing and credits are managed in Snowflake.
  • API keys: Authentication is managed in Snowflake.
  • Members and roles: Access to LandingLens is managed using the secure and granular access controls in Snowflake.
  • Active projects: When using LandingLens in Snowflake, models can be downloaded from any project, so there is no need to activate projects.

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