Release Notes
  • 23 Mar 2023
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Release Notes

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March 23, 2023

You can now customize and apply your own automation using C# or Python scripts to your Inspection Point in LandingEdge. This allows you to automate an action to occur before or after inference. For more information on custom processing, go to Manage Inspection Points.

To use this feature, download the latest version of LandingEdge. To learn more about how to download LandingEdge, go here.

Apply Custom Automations to LandingEdge Inspection Points 

March 22, 2023

We updated a few things in the background to optimize the LandingLens experience. We are continuing to work on adding new features, and we can't wait to share them with you soon!

Additionally, we updated a few articles:

March 16, 2023

What's New

  • You can now include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters in your Project name.
    Project Name in Japanese
  • If you rescale images for custom Model training, LandingLens now provides text to ensure that your image fits within the minimum and maximum area constraints. For more information on custom training, go to Custom Model Settings.
    LandingLens Shows the Maximum Area for a Rescaled Image

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, if you selected a Model on the Deploy page and then opened the Build page, that same Model would be selected. Now, selecting a Model on the Deploy page doesn’t change the Model shown elsewhere. 
  • Previously, if you added Data Augmentation to custom Model training and then deleted those settings, the Data Augmentation would still be applied. This issue has been fixed. If Data Augmentation is deleted, it won’t impact training.
  • We fixed a bug that occurred when trying to upload images from a WebCam to some Classification Projects.

March 10, 2023

What's New

LandingEdge v2 is now available! This newest version of LandingEdge includes some bug fixes and performance improvements. If you're using LandingEdge v1, we recommend upgrading to the newest version to get the latest developments.

LandingEdge v2 Notes:
  • Any Inspection Points from LandingEdge v1 will not carry over to LandingEdge v2 and will need to be recreated as needed.
  • Webcams are not supported in LandingEdge v2.
  • The background application LandingEdge Inference Engine has been integrated into LandingEdge v2 and will no longer display as a separate application on your desktop.

Bug Fixes

We discovered that naming a Class “Ok” could cause issues when training a Model in Object Detection and Segmentation Projects. To ensure that your Model is trained correctly, LandingLens no longer accepts “Ok” (or any variation of its capitalization) as a Class name for these Project Types. You can continue to use “Ok” as a Class in Classification Projects.

February 22, 2023


  • We now offer multiple pricing plans for LandingLens! There is something for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re an AI hobbyist or a manufacturer that needs an AI solution to provide QA on your production line, we have a plan for you. Check out these new plans on our Pricing page. 
  • We’ve launched LandingPad, a community for Landing AI users. Looking for tips or insights about using LandingLens? Interested in learning more about specific use cases? Then check out LandingPad!

What’s New

  • You can now upgrade your pricing plan directly in LandingLens! Not sure what you need or want to discuss your use case? You can still contact our Sales team at any time.

    To change your plan, click the User Menu in the top right corner, and select Plan and Billing. Then click Change Plan.
    Change Plan
  • You can now track credit usage metrics in the new Usage dashboard. To view the dashboard, click the User Menu in the top right corner, and select Usage.
  • You can now upload sample images to a Project directly from LandingLens. To do this, create a new Project and click Load Sample Data.
    Load Sample Data

Bug Fixes

  • You can now see the total number of filtered images.
  • We fixed a bug that hid images when switching from Instance View to Image View.

February 12, 2023

We've Got a New Look

Today we released several new features and changes to the look and feel of LandingLens.

  • Login page: You may have noticed we spruced up the login page with a new design.
    Login Page
  • Home page: The new home page will be the new core page, where we will provide you with organization information, important updates, and access to your most recent projects.
    Home Page
  • Pre-trained examples: We have included some examples of how LandingLens can be used. Go to Examples, and check out some of our pre-trained models!

Deployment Page

We've got a new look and experience for the Deploy page. We have improved the flow and experience of the Deploy page by adding easier navigation across your various devices (now called "endpoints") and access to the historical data associated with each endpoint. For more information, go to Cloud Deployment.

Deploy Page

Here are some highlights:

  • Endpoints (previously known as Devices) can be found under Cloud Deployment in the navigation bar on the left. You can deploy each endpoint with a trained Model and fixed Confidence Threshold. You can update your Model and Confidence Threshold by selecting Update Deployment.
  • The Predict tool allows you to quickly drag and drop an image to run inference and test your Model.
  • Images sent to the endpoint through the API integration will show up under Historical Data, just like before.
  • You can find your API Key and API Secret conveniently located in the navigation bar on the left.

January 20, 2023

What's New

  • We've upgraded how default training works for Classification models to improve the performance of these models.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously, when a model training job failed, an error would display, and users could not retrain the model. We fixed this so users can retrain models.

January 17, 2023


What's New

  • LandingLens now displays a workflow assistant to guide you through creating your first Object DetectionProject. Hover over the workflow assistant to read more information about your current step.
    Refer to the Workflow Assistant for Help
  • LandingLens introduces a new feature called "Predict". Predict allows you to quickly upload new images to your Model so that the Model can make predictions on those images. Predict streamlines the Run Livefeature so you can deploy Models faster.
    "Predict" is currently only available for trained Object Detection Models.
    Drag and Drop Images for Your Model to Make Predictions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Users can resume exporting training datasets.

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