Upload Images from a Directory
  • 17 Jul 2024
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Upload Images from a Directory

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Article summary

To see all the methods for uploading images to projects, go to Upload Images.

You can upload a directory (folder) of images into a project.

Select Images to Upload

To upload images from a directory into a project:

  1. Open the project you want to upload images to. 
  2. Open the Upload pop-up window:
    • If you haven't uploaded any images to the project yet, click the Drop to Upload icon.
      Open the Upload Pop-Up Window
    • If you've already uploaded images, click the Upload icon.
      Click the Upload Icon
  3. Click the upload box to search for and select the images you want to upload.
    Click to Select Images
  4. A preview of your images displays. To confirm your upload, click the Upload button.
    Upload Images
  5. LandingLens uploads the images to your project.

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