Plan Changes
  • 15 May 2024
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Plan Changes

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Article Summary

Big Changes Coming to LandingLens Pricing – Get More for Less!

In mid-May, we’re launching these exciting changes to LandingLens pricing:

  • We’re introducing a new set of simplified plans
  • The credit calculation for Custom Training will dynamic based on your images and training settings.

New Pricing Plans

We’re simplifying our pricing plans and offering more features to all tiers!

Beginning in mid-May, these LandingLens plans will be available: Free, Visionary, and Enterprise.

DescriptionBest for individual practitionersBest for small businessesBest for large enterprises
Cost$0$50/moContact sales for pricing
Credits1,000 per month5,000 per month*Custom package
Credit overagesNot supported$0.01/credit, billed in arrearsCustom package
Download model projects13Starting at 5
Model usage (for downloaded models)Noncommercial use onlyNoncommercial use onlyCommercial use
Access to Large Vision Models--
Customer Success--

* The maximum number of credits that can be used in the Visionary plan is 500K per calendar month. Credit usage restarts at the start of each billing cycle, which is the first of each month.

All Plans Include

Beginning in mid-May all plans will now include the following features:


  • Invite users
  • Role/Access control

Data Management

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited classes
  • Up to 10k images per project
  • Label images
  • Import labeled images
  • Agreement-based labeling

Model Training and Deployment

  • Model training
  • Model deployment (cloud)
  • LandingEdge and Docker licenses


  • Community support
  • In-product feedback

All Users Can Now Download Models

One of the biggest changes we’re making is that users in all pricing plans can now download models for offline use. That’s right, you’ll be able to develop a computer vision model in LandingLens and then export the ONNX files to use with your own custom code or third-party applications!

The downloaded models from Free and Visionary plans are for noncommercial use only, so these are great for educational, research, personal, or hobbyist purposes. “Noncommercial” means not primarily intended for or directed towards commercial advantage or monetary compensation.

All Users Can Now Use LandingEdge and Docker Deployment

Users in all pricing plans will now be able to use LandingEdge and Docker Deployment, two of our model deployment methods! Previously, these options were only available to Enterprise users, but want to give you as many options as possible to use and deploy the computer vision models you’ve developed in LandingLens.

I’m On the Free Plan–How Does This Impact Me?

You will continue to be able to use LandingLens for free and still get access to all of the new features that will become available in mid-May 2024.

I’m On the Starter or Visionary Plan–How Does This Impact Me?

We will contact you about selecting a new plan. The plan you choose will go into effect in mid-May 2024. If you prefer to transition to the Enterprise plan, send us a message through our Contact Us form.

If you're on an annual plan, you will be refunded the remaining amount into your Stripe balance (we use Stripe to process payments), and that balance will be used to pay for your new monthly plan. For example, let's say you have $200 left on an annual plan and are transitioning to the new Visionary plan, which is a monthly $50 subscription. When the transition happens, $200 will be refunded into your Stripe balance and then $50 will be deducted for your first month of the Visionary subscription. 

I’m On the Enterprise Plan–How Does This Impact Me?

The Landing AI team will reach out to you to ensure that you’re smoothly transitioned to the new Enterprise plan.

New Credit Calculation for Custom Training

Each LandingLens plan includes a set of credits, which are like a form of currency in LandingLens. You spend credits to train models and run inferences.

Currently, training one image costs 1 credit, and running inference on one image costs 1 credit. Starting in mid-May 2024, the credit cost for Custom Training will be calculated differently. The credit cost will instead be based on the project type and custom training settings selected. In general, increasing any of the settings (like increasing the Epoch) increases the cost to train and run inference.

With Custom Training, the cost to train the model and run inference on that model might be more or less than 1 credit.

After you configure your settings—and before you train the model—LandingLens shows you the exact credit cost it will take to train the model and run inference on it.

Custom Training: Preview the Cost for Training and Running Inference
There are no changes to how credits are calculated for Fast Training (the default training method). Training an image and running inference on an image will continue to cost 1 credit each.

Each Model Can Have a Different Inference Cost

If you run Custom Training multiple times in the same Project, each resulting model can have a different cost for running inference. This is because each round of Custom Training can have multiple different settings, each of which impact the cost.

For example, you could have three models with the following inference costs in the same project:

ModelTraining TypeCredit Cost for Inference
Model AFast Training (default training method)1 credit / image
Model BCustom Training1.62 credits / image
Model CCustom Training0.35 credits / image

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