Upload Images
  • 29 Feb 2024
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Upload Images

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After you create a project, upload images to it. LandingLens will train a model based on the images you upload and label.

Supported Files Types

  • PNG (recommended)
  • BMP
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • MPO: An MPO file is a Multi-Picture Object file. It contains two JPG files that create a stereoscopic image when overlaid. When you upload an MPO file to LandingLens, LandingLens selects one of the two JPG files.
  • Pascal VOC: Available only for Object Detection projects. Pascal VOC is a file type for images labeled in LandingLens or an external application. This file format includes the label details and tells the platform where a label is on the associated image. For more information, go to Upload Labeled Images to Object Detection Projects.

Image Size

There is no maximum image size for Object Detection, Classification, and Visual Prompting projects. In other words, you can upload images of any size to these projects.

Segmentation projects do have a maximum image size. That size is based on your LandingLens plan:

  • Enterprise: 36MP
  • Free, Starter, Visionary: 984KP
Images might be resized when training a model. For more information, go to Model Training.

Number of Images in a Project

The number of images you can upload to a project depends on the project type:

  • Object Detection, Segmentation, and Classification: You can upload up to 10,000 images to a project.
  • Visual Prompting: You can upload up to 20 images to a project. For more information, go to Visual Prompting.

Number of Images Required for a Project

You must upload and label at least 10 images before training a model.

Since every project is different, there is no recommended number of images for the project. The optimal number of images for your project generally depends on these factors:

  • How elaborate the object to identify is
  • How many types of objects there are
  • How the object looks

For example, a phone with a cracked screen would require fewer images than a printed circuit board with several intricate parts.

Upload Options

LandingLens offers the following methods for uploading images to your project. Click the hyperlink for each method to learn more.

Upload Images to a New Project vs. a Project that Already Has Images

If you haven't uploaded images to a project yet, all of the upload options appear directly on the project page.

Upload Options for Projects that Don't Have Images Yet

After you've uploaded images to a project, click the Upload icon to see the upload options. Or, you can drag and drop images directly into the project page.

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